Department of Pharmacy, University of Limpopo, Medunsa Campus

Admission requirements


National Senior Certificate (NSC) applicants require the following minimum Admission Point Score (APS) to qualify for selection to the Medunsa/TUT BPharm programme:

Subject Points
Life Sciences 4
Mathematics 4
Physical Sciences 4
Language of Learning (i.e. English) 4
Life Orientation 3
Two additional subjects: preferably Accounting and Economics 3 respectively
Total points required (minimum) 25

Applications will be considered from candidates who are in possession of ONE of the following:

Candidates who are in possession of one of the above three certificates must have passed Mathematics and at least two of the following subjects in higher grade (with minimum symbol D) at matric level:
Biology, Physiology, Physical Science or Botany.
Candidates with Mathematics in the standard grade level who have achieved an A or B rating may be considered.

Foreign applicants should obtain a matric exemption certificate from the South African Matriculation Board, converting their symbols (grades) to the South African symbols.

Applications will also be considered from candidates who have completed appropriate training within the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework. For example, students have been admitted in the past who had no university exemption certificate, but who were formally trained pharmacy technicians.They should apply for Exemption to the Matriculation Board by submitting their Matric and Pharmacy Technician Certificates.

The BPharm Selection Committee will screen all candidates who comply with the selection requirements and provide a list for potential testing and interview. After potential testing and interview, a list of conditional acceptances will be developed, as well as a reserve list, for replacement of non-acceptances.Only 60 new applicants will be accepted.

Because of the nature of the programme and assessment methods, admission to the BPharm programme is at first year level only. Interviews are usually held from mid-August to mid - November.


For an application form, please contact: Ms Maggie Molala, Student Administration Department,
Tel.: 012-521 4319, e-mail:

Please submit applications for consideration to:
The Registrar
P O Box 143