About Us

The Convocation is the largest stakeholder body concerned with governance at the University. While the term “alumni” is generally used to describe former students fairly loosely, the membership of the Convocation is specific, and defined by the University Statute which states that membership is restricted to “all persons who are or become graduates of the University”. It also lists a number of University office bearers who become members of Convocation by virtue of their office. These include the principal, the vice-principal, deputy vice-chancellors, and the registrars.

The relationship between the Convocation and the Office of Alumni at UL

While the Convocation is a statutory body, which elects representatives to an Executive Committee (EXCO), the Alumni Office is a University department that is responsible for the administrative support of the Convocation, as articulated by EXCO. In addition, the Alumni Office plays an important role in building up relationships between graduates and their Alma Mater, students and staff.