Mission and Objective


Our mission is to:-

  • Unite Alumni and Convocants of the University from the former University of the North UNIN and those of the new Institution; UL
  • Raise funds for the University of Limpopo;
  • Participate in constructive decision making in the structures of the University through our representatives and thereby assisting UL to attain a high level of academic excellence and continuously improve its image;
  • Ensure that UL graduates remain attached to UL in a positive manner; and
  • Provide support service to members of the Association in order to enable them to strive effectively for their vocational and career growth and to effect the aims of the University through appropriate programmes.


In line with the stipulations of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 101 of 1997) and the University Statute, the Association shall have its objectives as follows:

  • To assist the University in attaining and maintaining a high level of academic excellence;
  • To help in promoting the image of the University;
  • To promote the Association nationally and internationally thereby ensuring its growth and survival;
  • To engage in a concerted effort at fundraising in order to enhance the financial position of the University;
  • To promote unity of purpose among Alumni through constant contact with all Alumni countrywide by establishing branches in    various provinces and foreign countries;
  • To participate in the Council of the University of Limpopo and any matter referred by it;
  • To serve as a forum for alumni;
  • To serve as an effective communication and information instrument amongst members, and between members and the University;
  • To support the University in attaining its strategic goals and objectives; and
  • To liaise with alumni associations and convocations of other tertiary institutions.