Nomination Form

Convocation EXCO election process

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  • A nominee has to be a graduate of the University of Limpopo;
  • A fellow graduate has to nominate a graduate;
  • The nominee will have to accept;
  • The nominations of members will have to be seconded by two members on a prescribed form which will have to be submitted to the Secretary of the Association for submission to the conference at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of the Conference.
  • The nomination form, signed by the nominee, shall be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae;
  • Verbal nominations, seconded by at least one-third of the members shall also be accepted during the elections.
  • Members can also be re-elected.
  • The election of members of EXCO takes place by way of secret ballot, based on the majority vote.
  • The term of office for EXCO shall be three years.
  • The President shall serve a maximum of two terms of office.