M&C Safety & Security

Mr Mampuru Ashten Mampa
Director Safety and Security (Both Campuses)
Office: Campus Control Building
Email: mampuru.mampa@ul.ac.za
Tel: 015 268 2500
Fax: 015 267 3152
The Safety and Security Division is committed to sustaining and providing a safe campus environment for the pursuit of academic excellence through the following areas: Transportation & Parking, Security Systems and Medical Centre Public Safety. This can be accomplished through the support from the University community. It is the responsibility of every member of the University to alert the Division about situations that needs our attention. Patrolling is 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
Services Rendered:
  • Access control of general entry and exit on campus
  • Operational Control Room on Campus 24 hours
  • CCTV monitoring 24 hours
  • Issuing of access cards to staff, students and contractor workers/ employees
  • Reaction vehicle with UL Supervisor 24 hours
  • Case reporting and management
  • Counselling and assistance to victims
  • Locksmith
  • Crime investigation
  • Medical Assistance
  • Special Events Management on Campus and VIP protection
  • Crime Awareness Campaigns

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