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About the Conference

Down the years, education has always been in a state of flux. What are regarded as new innovations soon become obsolete and need to be changed. Recent debates on the transformation of curriculum demonstrate this axiom. Since the movement #FeesMustFall, the calls for the decolonisation of the curriculum have become more vigorous. Therefore, this conference aims to encouraging scholars to debate about the nature and the scope of educational transformation.

However, this discourse has been characterised by contradictions, absurdities and contestations. No doubt, these winds of change are not unique to the South African context, but to the broader Global South as well. There is a need for a careful reconnaissance on the issues and trends that characterise this discourse. For a long time academics and intellectuals have occupied the back seat when issues pertaining to their terrain are discussed. 

It is for this reason that the School of Education at the University of Limpopo is to host the Education Association of South Africa (EASA) annual conference, scheduled for 13-16 January 2019. Limpopo Province has been chosen because of its ubiquitous-ness in natural and wildlife including the Kruger National Park in the east and, Mapungubwe in the north. This is a golden opportunity for a breakaway time from hectic life that constitute most metropolitan universities. 


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