About School Of Social Sciences


The School of Social Sciences is in the cutting edge of training leading social scientists who contribute greatly in the provision of much sought leadership locally, regionally and nationally. The University of Limpopo is located in the rural area and this place the School in a strategic position to ameliorate problems of poverty and under-development through the use of locally developed resources. The programmes delivered by the school have been crafted in response to the needs of the university's immediate environment as well as national imperatives.

The School of Social Sciences aspires to be an “innovative premier school for Afrocentric advancement of social and human development”.

In order to give effect to the vision of the School of Social Sciences, the School develops well-grounded and critical graduates for our communities through:

  • Academic excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Enhanced research, and postgraduate output;
  • Improved community and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Good corporate governance