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The Department of Biodiversity consists of the disciplines Botany and Zoology including the diversified fields of study related to both. The student is offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of life in terms of animals and plants and the characteristics that make different groups included in both kingdoms unique. The understanding of the uniqueness of different groups of organisms will also direct the student to appreciate the levels of biodiversity encountered in South Africa and the world wide drive towards the conservation of biodiversity.


The Department of Biodiversity strives to offer instructional and research programmes that will contribute towards scientific and technological excellence in the Biological Sciences.


To develop the Department to be recognized for the training of qualified botanists and zoologists, whereby promoting the advancement of Science and Biotechnology. Through this, we aim towards equity, quality and social development to meet the current and future needs of the country.

Core Values

  • Is committed to the development of an environment conducive for studying and promoting lifelong learning, teaching and research.
  • Strives towards the fulfilment of its goals in an accountable manner, promoting inter-relationships between staff and students.
  • Believes in networking and synergetic collaboration to promote its research at local, national and international level.
  • Is recognised for its high academic standards, both in teaching and research.
  • We will continue to maintain academic excellence to ensure the offering of market-related programmes and the production of high-in-demand graduates.


HOD: Dr MB Kekana
Department of Biodiversity
School of Molecular and Life Sciences
Private Bag X1106
Sovenga, 0727
Tel: 015 268 4000