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Welcome to the University of Limpopo's Department of Water and Sanitation. We appreciate your interest in our programme. The University of Limpopo takes pride in being the only institution in the country that offers a degree in water and sanitation science. Water and sanitation issues are becoming increasingly problematic in the context of global change due to increased pressure on water resources. The programme's goal is to produce innovative and solution-oriented scientists who can best practice in the water and sanitation sector.

The graduates will make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge of the entire water sector through research and development. Practitioners of water and sanitation science are in high demand in water and sanitation departments, science councils, municipalities, catchment management agencies, water boards, and consulting firms. The University of Limpopo will produce graduates capable of dealing with emerging challenges that will necessitate new paradigms and directions.

Through our new Problem Based BSc programme in water and sanitation sciences, we have a team of dedicated staff to train our students. The programme is closely aligned with the National Department of Water and Sanitation's National Water Resource Strategy-2, which reflects the action plan strategies that outline how the department will achieve the goals and vision of the National Development Plan 2030. This qualification is accredited by SACNASP; graduates will be able to register as candidate scientists, and after gaining the necessary industry experience, they will be able to register as professional water resource scientists.

Dr MM Mphahlele-Makgwane
Profile : Dr MM Mphahlele-Makgwane

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Dr MM Mphahlele-Makgwane (HOD)
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