Disabled Student Unit


Access to tertiary institution for students with disabilities can no longer be left to chance,but it is an obligation to institutions of higher education which admit students with disabilities to their programmes of study. It is a prerequisite and requirement to the Constitution of South Africa that institutions promote and protect equity of access with regard to physical, information and attitudinal aspects of life in higher education.

In an attempt to comply with the Constitution of the country for inclusion of students with disabilities, the University of Limpopo is doing its utmost to admit and provide facilities and an enabling environment for students with disabilities.

University of Limpopo is committed to providing support services to students with disabilities in order to provide a study environment which promotes fairness and equity to all students irrespective of race, gender, disability, religion, etc.

Mission Of The Disabled Students Unit

The Disabled Students Unit (DSU) provides appropriate support services to empower persons with disabilities on campus and in the community.Empowerment occurs through education, training, and development – encouraging independence and active participation in the academic and socio-economic world.


The Disabled Students Unit strives to maximize capabilities of body and mind and to open doors of opportunities for persons with disabilities by providing accessible facilities with up-to-date technology so as to capacitate them to plough back into the community the skills and knowledge they have acquired from the University.

Policy Statement

The policy statement of the University of Limpopo outlines the requirements and guidelines for students with disabilities who wish to register with the institution.

Admission To The University

All Studends at the Universtity of Limpopo are admitted on merit in accordance with the rules and regulations,irrespective of age, gender,race, religion or disability.

The University admits students with disabilities on merit and on the basis of availability of resources and facilities which can meet their needs and:

  • All students are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential without any discrimination with regard to disability, race , gender or religion .
  • In order to be admitted to the University, all students including students with disabilities should apply and submit their completed application forms by the University stipulated closing date and should not wait for the beginning of the academic year to do self application.
  • It is not the responsibility of the DSU to arrange accommodation for students with disabilities who come for self application or visit the University.
  • Students with disabilities should establish early contact with the institution, the School or Faculty of choice and the DSU in order to establish whether there are appropriate facilities, resources and support systems to cater for their type of disability.
  • The Schools and Department, in collaboration with the Students Counseling Bureau, Centre for Academic Excellence and the DSU, will consider all implications whether or not it is reasonably practicable and affordable to admit a student with a disability to a particular field of study.
  • The University will not accept a student with a poor academic record simply because the student has a disability.
  • Acceptance and / or admission of students with disabilities depend on the availability of resources and facilities with respect to particular types of disability.
  • Students with disabilities who wish to register with the University of Limpopo should provide documentary proof of their disability from a doctor, psychologist or appropriately qualified practitioner.
  • The University reserves the right to reassess the student’s disability for admission purposes.
  • Students who have not complied with the above may be refused admission to the University.
  • The University has the final say in the admission of a student, considering the facilities and resources that it can provide to accommodate students with a particular disability.
  • All students, including students with disabilities, are subject to University Rules and Regulations.

Disabilities Catered For

Due to limited resources and facilities, the University and the DSU can only accommodate a limited number of students with disabilities. The University of Limpopo can provide services for a limited number of blind students, partially sighted students and physically disabled students, depending on the degree of disability. Services for severely disabled students cannot be provided as the University has limited material and personnel resources.

Services Provided At The Disabled Students Unit

The University does not provide students with disabilities with personal assistive devices such as wheelchairs, laptops, computers, eye-glasses, hearing aids, etc.Students with disabilities have to register with the DSU in order to be eligible for the services rendered by the Unit.

  • Orientation and Mobility
  • The DSU offers orientation and mobility training to new students to familiarise them with the new surroundings and to encourage free and independent movement.

  • Computer Training Facilities
  • All students with disabilities are offered basic computer lessons to develop essential skills for using adaptive technology. Computers with voice interface for blind students are also available for typing out assignments or surfing the internet.

  • Low Vision Reading Room
  • Partially sighted students have access to print by means of reading equipment that enlarges print to required size.

  • Braille Printing
  • Braille printers are made available to blind students to transcribe print into Braille at a price determined by the DSU from time to time. The DSU also provides Braille services to individuals, schools and organizations from the surroundings areas at a price determined by the Unit.

  • Braille and Audio Library Services
  • Braille and Audio books and journals are purchased and loaned out to students.

  • Students have to pay for brailling of their reading materials
  • Books required by students but not available in the library, are obtained from other libraries through Inter-Library loans.

  • Assistive Devices
  • Assistive devices such as tape-recorders, type-writers and Perkins Braillers are also loaned out to students. Students who break or lose the assistive devices borrowed from the DSU, will have to replace or pay for them. Failure to comply will lead to amount to the value of the assistive device debited to the student’s account and results withheld until payment or replacement is made.

  • Photocopying facilities
  • Photocopying is done for students at a price determined by the DSU from time to time.

Support Services

It is very crucial for students with disabilities to inform their lecturers about their needs. Individual students should therefore arrange an interview with their lecturers to discuss their problems and needs. The School, together with the DSU will determine to what extend modifications and / or accommodations have to be applied, e.g.

  • Extra time to complete exams and tests depending on the degree of disability.
  • Format of the reading materials to be provided.
  • Special seating arrangements for tests and examinations.
  • Use of assistive devices for exam purposes.


Students with disabilities are accommodated in University residences. Students with disabilities will be given first preference to choose a residence of their choice however, room allocation is done on the basis of the degree of disability and the need to a particular type of disability.

For More Information Please Contanct:

Director DSU:
Tel:015 268 2464
e-mail: konem@ul.ac.za

Receptionist: Tel:015 268 2495
e-mail: pauschiatm@ul.ac.za

Administrative Officer:
Tel:015 268 2533
e-mail: ramongenec@ul.ac.za