Dr MA Kena


Contact details: Tel: +27 15 268 2327, Fax: +27 15 268 2892, Cell: +27 82 599 6553 & EMail: mapotso.kena@ul.ac.za

Areas of research interest (s):

Evaluation of plant extracts, composts and bio-control agents as alternative measures in the management of soil-borne and seed-borne fungal and bacterial diseases in various crops.

Publications (last 5 years):

Kena, M. A. & Swart, W.J. 2008.  Effect of composted animal manure on damping-off of vegetable seedlingsJournal of Plant Pathology 90: (Supplement) S2.411. 

Kena, M.A. and Swart, W.J. 2009. Microbial activity and Fungal Composition of composted animal manure. Lesotho Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2: 1-19

Kena, M.A. and Swart, W.J.  2011. Effects of Plant Extracts on in vitro Suppression of Fungal Pathogens and Control of Damping-off of Vegetable Seedlings in the Greenhouse. Botswana Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences vol. 7 (2): 36 - 44.

Kena, M.A. 2012. Efficacy of Trichoderma spp as seed treatment to control damping-off of Swiss chard seedlings. Lesotho Journal of Agricultural Sciences vol. 3 (2):16-24.

Current community outreach activities:

Crop disease awareness campaign for increased food security in Lesotho. OCCAM community outreach project in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology, Lesotho and Faculty of Agriculture, University of Milano, Italy.

Assisting Lesotho farmers in the establishment of the Lesotho Potato Growers Association.

Advising small-scale farmers on plant disease management.