Faculty of Science and Agriculture

At the University of Limpopo, the Faculty of Science and Agriculture operates effectively in its five constituent schools, being

The Faculty offers a broad range of programmes ranging from Agricultural to Zoological sciences, which are offered by highly qualified and competent academics.

Our students should feel free to find more about each of these programs from the Faculty office or the schools.
The Faculty provides a number of opportunities to the students who make it to our study programmes through our selection criteria. The most important reason why prospective students should make the Faculty their chosen destination through which they want to realize their academic potential is the fact that we provide one of the best learning environments for aspiring young people; not only are the programmes we offer accredited and taught by some of the best researchers in the country but they compare well with similar programmes in the country, and our lecturers are the most-sought after, after all.

Secondly, the Faculty nurtures talent and we know how to identify talent. It is for this reason that the Faculty provides a wide range of social activities, geared towards social and other developmental aspects every young person needs. Thus qualifying from the University, in particular this Faculty, you will be equipped with academic and social skills, both of which will stand you in good stead on entering the world of work: that is why our alumni are out there, hoisting (proudly so) the flag of the University of Limpopo in the public and private sectors.

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