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Director: Prof Lawrence Sithole

The School of Health Care Sciences (SHCS) comprises five departments, namely Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health, Optometry, and Nursing Science. The Office of the Director provides strategic leadership to these departments in order to ensure efficient operations in various aspects of finding solutions for the African population. The strategic focus is directly related to the main activities of the university, which include teaching and learning, research, and community engagement. Therefore, the school ensures that the imperatives of the National System of Innovation as directed by the National Department of Science and Innovation are also considered during the delivery of these areas to students and community members. Furthermore, the school addresses the National Development Plan imperatives, which identify Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) as critical for the creation of a competitive and sustainable economy as well as addressing societal challenges such as education and health. It advocates for a strong, coordinated, coherent, and effective STI system that fosters networks and partnerships among various actors in the public and private sectors, contributes to transformation, and acknowledges a diversity of knowledge production sites beyond higher education.

Furthermore, the school promotes the idea that knowledge should be shared as widely as possible throughout society and calls for the expansion of STI outputs through increased government spending on research and development. As a result, the government Clinical Grant awarded to the Departments of Optometry, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Human Nutrition and Dietetics goes a long way toward achieving the School's strategic objectives. The aspect of experiential learning as a formal approach to teaching and learning is fully supported among these objectives. This activity helps students gain experience through cooperative education placements, practicum experiences, and classroom-based hands-on laboratory activities. As a result, the school perceives experiential learning as a valuable supplement to traditional approaches to teaching and learning in its disciplines. The competent Pharmacists, Optometrists, Dieticians, Nurses, and Public Health professionals are produced, making a significant contribution to the quest for solutions for the African population.


To be the leading centre of excellence in the promotion of health and healthcare management amongst communities locally and globally.


SHCS strives to train and produce health professionals that address the needs of the community (and patients) through health promotion, curative, supportive, and rehabilitative measures.

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Prof Lawrence Sithole
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Director: School of Health Care Sciences
Tel: 015268 2104

Ms Adolphina Raseboya
Senior Secretary
Tel: 015268 3954

Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Administration

Ms Martha Koenaite
Principal Administrative Officer
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Postgraduate Studies Administration

Ms Grace Rangoanasha
Administrative Officer
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