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Acting Director: Dr Annah Takalani

The School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences is the mathematical hub of the University and the Limpopo Province in general.

Housed in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, the school offers under- and post-graduate mathematical sciences and computer science programmes as well as courses that span across all faculties.

Our outreach programmes impact on government officials, schools, and communities in the province.

The school has the following main programmes: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Operations Research, and Statistics.


The School is devoted to the attainment of the highest possible standards of excellence in teaching and learning activities, in research for the production of knowledge, and outreach programmes that render the mathematical sciences to be a key component of the African renaissance, and consequently engender life-long learning.


The School is committed to excellence in research, providing knowledge/expertise for regional development, and dedicated to the production of highly qualified, adaptable, self-directed, resourceful and multi-skilled graduates and other trainees.

Contact Details:

Dr Annah Takalani
Acting Director
Tel: (+27) 15 268 4894

Ms M Madia
Senior Secretary
Tel: (+27) 15 268 4893/4894

Ms M Choeu
Principal Admin Officer
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3593

Ms M Lebopa
Principal Admin Officer
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3027