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Education is one of the core academic fields supporting the African Renaissance. To make sure that our country continues to develop and provide a better standard of living for everyone, we need a well-educated populace. Since 1994, enormous changes in educational policies, as well as practices, have occurred. These changes attempt to provide a responsive and relevant education system for South Africa. The School of Education is deeply committed to this ambitious Education Project and sets out "to make a difference."


To be a leading African centre of excellence that produces highly skilled and competent educators of an international standard in a rural setting.


The School of Education is primarily committed to rural regeneration, empowerment and development, through a life-long approach to teaching and inter-disciplinary research.

Contact Details
Prof LT Mabasa
Acting Director
Tel: +27 15 268 2687

Mrs M.D Mathobela
Acting Senior Secretary
Tel: +27 15 268 2687