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Director Prof Samuel Koma

My special greetings to the professional staff and students affiliated with the School of Economics and Management in the Faculty of Management and Law.

On behalf of the UL School of Economics and Management, I wish to take this opportunity to warmly welcome each one of you and thank you for having chosen our School as your choice for pursuing both your undergraduate and postgraduate education. We are a School that is dedicated to offering undergraduate and postgraduate education and research of the highest quality. We have embraced a student-centric service tailored to provide a hassle-free and amazing experience for our students. In due course, we will be adopting a Student and Corporate Charter that will serve as a mechanism to exemplify professional behaviour and attitude on our part, be held accountable, and also constitute the basis of our interaction and relationship with our students. We are embarking on this course because we firmly believe that at the core of our business, we must endeavour to put the interests of our students before our own.

The School of Economics and Management through undergraduate and postgraduate education and research, is well-positioned to respond and offer solutions to the myriad challenges our country and the continent are grappling with. Thus, through our multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary focus and synergy, we are capable of unravelling the complex socio-economic conditions besetting our country and the priority issues that are topping the agenda of national government, corporate, and industry leaders, to name but a few: the issue of special economic zones, spatial justice, just energy transition, professionalisation of the public sector, township and rural economies, entrepreneurship, state capacity and capability, as well as corporate governance. Suffice it to say that through your postgraduate research, we are hopeful that we will be able to tackle and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan before or by 2030. More significantly, your postgraduate research will contribute to the cutting-edge thought leadership that the School is aspiring to assume in the province, nationally, and continentally based on our niche research areas.

We therefore encourage our students to conduct and locate their postgraduate research within the prism of decoloniality and pan-Africanism. Those who look to the West for solutions, we can only wish them the best in their endeavours. As a School, we start from the premise that our point of reference is Africa and, by extension, the Global South. Furthermore, our mission is to develop both critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills through undergraduate and postgraduate education and research.

In addition, we constantly review our academic programmes to be attuned and responsive to the changing and growing expectations and demands of the market we serve. That is the reason our School is periodically engaging with professional bodies and industry leaders possessing expertise and standing in the industry. We incorporate their advisory input into our learning programmes, thus bridging theory and practice.

All higher education institutions intend to train, educate, and produce "all-rounded graduates". What do we mean by an all-rounded graduate? We simply mean that graduates should have an understanding of their immediate surroundings, their communities, Africa, the globe, and be intellectually equipped so as to contribute to the betterment of their societies.

So, pursuing higher education is not only about getting a recognised certificate or degree; it is also about being aware of the challenges facing your community and society, meeting new friends, building your network, and finding a pragmatic way to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

Last but not least, our academic staff is involved in engaged scholarship and impactful research and possesses expertise in the facets of the offerings and core business of the School. These are exciting developments and opportunities for us to continue to be responsive to the needs of the market and the society that we serve.

I thank you.


To be a leading provider of quality academic programmes, research and community engagement in the management and administrative sciences in Southern Africa.


Through teaching, learning, research and outreach activities, the School of Economics and Management undertakes:

  • To prepare students with relevant information and skills for careers in administrative management and for independent entrepreneurship;
  • To conduct applied and relevant research to serve the needs for policy and strategy formulation of development agencies, both in the public and private sectors; and
  • To provide in-service training programmes for a range of agencies whose personnel require additional information and skills.


Prof Samuel Koma
Director: School of Economics and Management
Tel: +27 15 268 2641

Ms NF Mogakane
Senior Secretary: SEM
Tel: +27 15 268 2641