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Director: Prof Hasani Chauke

Thank you for visiting the School of Physical and Mineral Sciences (SPMS). The school is made up of three departments, namely the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology and Mining, as well as two centres of excellence, namely the Materials Modelling Centre and the Science Centre.

At the undergraduate level, the School offers a 3-year BSc degree in Physical Sciences, a 4-year BSc extended degree programme, and a 3-year BSc degree in Geology. We also offer postgraduate degrees at the Honours, Masters, and Doctoral levels. Our undergraduate courses are aligned with government strategy and address societal needs, while our postgraduate degrees focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). These include but are not limited to mineral beneficiation, geohydrology, economic geology, energy storage technology, hydrogen energy storage, alloy design, fossil fuels, catalysis, gas sensing, water purification technology, medicinal chemistry, machine learning and nanotechnology. As a result of our programmes, our students acquire competencies aligned to greater opportunities in various industries.

Mining is the Limpopo Province's most important economic harbour sector, with 136 active mines. With this in mind, the school takes pride in the fact that our Geology and Mining offerings are up to date and meet the needs of the province's mining sector, all while providing appropriate teaching, research, and community engagement. More importantly, the school intends to train more undergraduates and postgraduates in mining, sendimentolology, exploration geology, mineral extraction, refinement, and processing through the Department of Geology & Mining, thereby preparing the next generation of mining and engineering professionals.

We are firmly committed as a school to innovation, excellence, and the well-being of the communities we serve. This dedication is also demonstrated by our two centres of excellence.

Through postgraduate student training, the school conducts research, fuels innovation, and promotes human capital development through the Materials Modelling Centre. The centre employs large-scale computational modelling approaches to predict, improve and understand the physical and chemical properties of a huge variety of materials.

We also reach out to our communities through community engagement activities and raise awareness of science and technology through the Science Centre. The science centre provides scientific and technological skills to the surrounding communities in order to improve their livelihood. The centre, among other things, gives lectures to both learners and teachers, as well as communities, and hosts interactive exhibitions, workshops, and live demonstrations.

Local and international partnerships include the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), SASOL, ESKOM, CSIR, Mintek, NECSA, and Johnson Matthey in South Africa; Cardiff University (UK), University College London (UK), University of Kent (UK), Argonne National Laboratory (USA), and many others in Italy, Japan, and China. We also work with SAASTA, SAASTEC, SANRAL, the University of the Free State, the University of Ghent, the NRF, and the NSTF.

The school has a committed, dedicated, and competitive staff that continues to uphold its vision and mission, as well as various targets that have been set to contribute to and sustain the development needs of Limpopo Province and South Africa as a whole.


To produce quality graduates and research responding to developmental needs of communities.


A firm commitment to training students and staff with the ability to advance knowledge and its application for the benefit of communities through collaborative efforts in education and economic development. These will be accomplished through:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Improved research status
  • Enhanced impact in community engagement
  • Good corporate governance

Core Values

  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Students success

Contact Details:

Prof HR Chauke
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3492

Mrs C Mabaso
Acting Senior Secretary
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3492/3494

Mr M Ramaphoko
Principal Admin Officer
Tel: (+27) 15 268 2603

Ms M Makololo
Principal Admin Officer
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3688