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Hey, freshmen! The first great hurdle of your university journey – competing for admission – is over. Congrats!

You have exceeded our expectations, and we are proud of you.  You sat for your final matriculation exams with your nose and mouse covered, frightened for your life. Another worry you have right now is going to university – a completely new environment where you do not know a single person. As the pandemic enters its third year, many of you are undoubtedly wondering how things will turn out.

The orientation serves as a platform to welcome you to the university environment and assist you in transitioning to the resources designed for your academic success, health, safety, and talent optimisation. It is extremely beneficial because you will find out what to do if you get sick. Learn where to get tutoring if you’re struggling in class. Check to see when the sport and recreation centres open so you can start honing your talents. You may not use all of your campus’ resources, but it’s good to know what’s available before you need it.

This booklet provides all relevant answers to all of your questions, as provided by various representatives and management from your respective faculties and development centres. After reading this guide, you will feel more at ease as a university student, understand campus policies and expectations, and begin connecting with key people. It is a valuable learning experience!

By the end of the programme, you should be well on your way to becoming a successful student.

The exchange of information does not end at the end of orientation. The university has a number of publications that provide information about various aspects of the campus. There are magazines about research, former students, current programmes, current events, and so on. These newsletters are available both in print and online.

Visit www.ul.ac.za for more information. Also, follow the university’s social media platforms to stay in the know.

We look forward to seeing you take on your studies with energy and optimism, and we wish you a worthwhile stay at this University.