Department of Agricultural Economics and Animal Production Academic Staff


Name Qualifications Specialisation Contact/s

Animal Production

Prof O Tada (Pr.Sci.Nat.) BSc (Hons) Agric, MSc Animal Science (UZ); PhD Animal Breeding (UFH); Postgrad Diploma Project Management (PMZ); Diploma Animal Breeding and Genomics (UFS); Certificate Cattle Artificial Insemination (ARC); FIVB Level One (International Olympic Council). Animal Breeding & Conservation Genetics; Biostatistics Office Tel: +27 15 268 4052
Cell: +27 63 953 1185
Prof TL Tyasi BSc Agric - Cum Laude (University of Fort Hare), MSc Animal Breeding and Genetics - Cum Laude (University of Limpopo), PhD Animal Breeding, Genetics and Reproduction (Jilin Agricultural University, China) Animal Breeding and Genetics Office Tel: 015 268 2803
Cell: +27 65 801 5400
Dr TJ Mugwabana BSc Agric, BSc Agric (Hons) (UL), MSc Animal Production and Health (University of Edinburgh, UK), PhD Animal Science (UFH), PGDHET (UFH), MDP (UNISA-SBL) Animal Science (Reproduction Physiology and Animal Nutrition, Animal Production Management, Indigenous Knowledge System) Office Tel:+27 15 268 2374
Cell: +27 82 723 9544
Dr ZM Mdletshe BSc Agric, MSc Agric, PhD (UKZN), PGDHET (DUT) Animal Science (Indigenous Knowledge System; Animal Welfare; Meat Science; Water Quality) Office Tel: 015 268 2376
Cell: +27 840857715
Prof B Gunya BSc Agric, MSc Agric, PhD (UFH), PGHET (DUT) Animal Science (Animal Nutrition, Poultry Production, Meat Science) Office Tel: +27 16 268 4618
Cell: +27 73 289 9325
Dr KR Nemutandani BSc (University of Free State), MSc - Cum Laude (University of Pretoria), PhD (Stellenbosch University) Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics) Office Tel: +27 15 258 2376
Cell: +27 73 006 4318
Dr TG Manyelo BSc Agric, MSc Agric (UL), PhD in Agric (UNISA), PGDHET (UKZN) Animal Science (Monogastric nutrition) Office Tel: +2715 268 4832
Cell: +27 78 818 0907
Mr ST Jiyana MSc in Agriculture (Ruminant Nutrition) from UNISA Rumen microbiome manipulation; Climate-smart beef farming; Plant-animal interaction. Office Tel: +27 15 258 2577
Cell: +27 72 763 0056

Agricultural Extension

Prof E Zwane BSc University of Limpopo, B Agric Extension hons  university of Fort Hare, M.Sc. University of Limpopo, PhD University of Pretoria Agricultural Extension, managing extension organisation and capacity building of extension personnel. Office Tel: 015 268 4842
Cell: +27 82 808 7173
Dr TJ Nesengani Adv. Dip. in Management (SBS), PGCE (UL), B.Tech Agric: Rural Dev and Extension (TUT), MA. Dev (UL), PhD Agric: Rural Dev (Univen). Extension Programme Planning; Research Methods; Rural sociology Office Tel: +27 15 268 3922
Cell: +27 60 967 4072
Ms PM Ramavhale BSc Agronomy, M.Agric Extension Rural sociology, adult and non-formal education, innovations and communication Office Tel: 015 268 2784
Cell: 0767305570
Mr CK Mphahlele B. Agric Admin, B Agric Hons (Animals Science), M Agric Extension Integrated education for community engagement. Office Tel: 015 268 2250
Cell: +27 83 420 9077

Agricultural Economics

Prof JJ Hlongwane B.Sc., M.Sc. Agric., PhD (UL) Micro and Macro-Economics, Production Economics, Farm Management, agribusiness, International Economics/trade, mathematics Economics, prise analysis and Agribusiness management Tel: 015 268 2372
Cell: +27 72 489 5420
Prof VM Mmbengwa BSc Agric (Univen), BSc Agric Hons Animal Physiology (UFS), MSc Agric Animal Physiology (UFS), MDev. Studies (UFS), PhD Agric. Econ (UFS), DBL Business Leadership (UNISA). Agricultural Economic, Rural Development, Animal Production, Business Leadership, Agri-business Office Tel: +27 15 268 2511
Cell: +27 72 831 3678
Prof A Belete BSc. MSc. (In Ethiopia) and PhD (Australia) in Agricultural Economics Production Economics, Mathematical programming technique, Agricultural risk management, applied econometric techniques and rural development. Office Tel: 015 268 2204
Cell: +27 82 257 0507
Prof MP Senyolo BSc: Agricultural Economics (University of Limpopo), MSc: Environmental Economics (Wageningen University, Netherlands) PhD: Agricultural and Development Economics (Wageningen University, Netherlands), PGDHET: (Durban University of Technology) Agricultural and Development Economics; Economics of Climate Change and Climate Smart Agriculture;  Agricultural and Rural Development; Agricultural Policy Analysis, Socio-Economic Analysis and Food Security. Office Tel: 015 268 4628
Cell: +27 71 144 6203    
Dr LJ Ledwaba BSc Agricultural Economics (University of Limpopo), MSc Agricultural Economics( University of Limpopo), PhD Agriculture (University of South Africa) Agricultural marketing, Agribusiness management, Farm management and Economics of medicinal plants and development Office Tel: 015 268 2350
Cell: +27 65 866 9203
Dr VA Baloi BSc, MSc, PhD Agricultural Economics (University of Limpopo) Rural and Agricultural development, Farm and financial management, Econometric modelling. Office Tel: 015 268 2350
Cell: 082 442 7460
Dr LC Muchopa Bsc Agricultural Economics (University of Zimbabwe), MSc Agricultural Economics (University of Zimbabwe), PhD in Agricultural Economics (University of the Free State) Economy-wide modelling particularly Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) coupled with international trade policy and value chain analysis. Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics & Local Economic Development Office Tel: 015 268 2373
Cell: +27 71 144 6203
Dr AM Nkoana B.Sc. Agric. (UL), M.Sc. Agric. (UKZN) and PhD (UL) Socio-economic benefits from ecosystem based services;
Climate change impacts, and adaptation strategies;
Rural development, agricultural development and planning;
Agricultural marketing
International Trade;
Perceptions and willingness to pay, accept, adopt and participate in economic values of natural resources.
Office Tel: 015 268 2541
Cell: +27 79 217 7621
Dr LS Gidi B.Sc. Agric., B.Sc. Hons., MSc. Econ, PhD and (UFH) PGDHET (UKZN) Planning Rural livelihoods and Small farming systems
Project analysis, agricultural and rural development, and land reform
Value chain analysis in Agriculture
Office Tel: 015 268 2204
Cell: +27 73 965 8088
Dr MH Lefophane B.Sc. Agric., MSc. Agric. (UL), PhD (UP) Smart farming, food security and Production Economics Office Tel: 015 268 3928
Cell: +27 73 817 9733