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Message from Head of Department: Dr M R Ramudzuli

Welcome to the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. We are one of the oldest departments in this university. We are recognised as one of the leading Geography Departments in the country, offering a wide range of exciting modules that are intellectually stimulating and practically relevant. The department prides itself in producing well-grounded students that are well equipped to engage with and face the multiple challenges that are encountered in the job environment. On the research front, we are involved in cutting edge research that is aimed at influencing policy across a range of sectors in the province and the country. Come and join us in the pursuit of spatial knowledge.

Dr M R Ramudzuli Profile


To produce capable environmental practitioners for solving environmental problems especially in sub-Saharan Africa.


To train competent and functional geographic and environmental professionals for sub-Saharan Africa through teaching, research and community engagement.

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

  • Responsibility and Accountability – We own up to our shortcomings/mistakes and we take responsibility for our actions. We deliver on our promises.
  • Integrity – We endeavour to do the right things regardless of consequences. We practice fairness, honesty and openness.
  • Respect – We treat people with respect and dignity and we accept everybody for who they are.
  • Excellence and innovation – We value excellence and innovation in all that we do. We therefore strive to offer quality academic programs that foster intellectual inquiry and encourage creativity.
  • Teamwork – We are committed to achieve common goals through collaboration, listening to each other and sharing information.
  • Student success - We always strive to do what is best for our students, thereby ensuring success to every student that is committed to learning.