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Welcome to the Plant Production, Soil Science, and Agricultural Engineering Department. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Soil Science, Plant Production (Agronomy, Horticulture, and Pasture Science), and Plant Protection (Postgraduate). Soil Science and Plant Production can be taken as a major subject at the undergraduate level in the four-year B Sc. Agric. degree programme. Theoretical and practical modules are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to serve the agricultural sector and rural communities. Students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies may enrol for honours, master’s or doctoral degrees in the respective areas.

The School's Experimental Farm provides excellent facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate training in both research and commercial production systems. As part of community outreach, these facilities are also used to provide training for smallholder farmers. The Department's availability of various production units ensures continuous research and training activities throughout the year. In addition to these resources, the Department has access to jointly established laboratories where students and researchers conduct analyses. The Department has active collaborative research and training initiatives with the Agriculture Research Council, government departments, universities, institutes, and various international partners, providing postgraduate students with access to a diverse range of expertise and facilities.

The Department conducts research for both staff development and postgraduate education. Improved and sustainable production in small-scale and commercial enterprises, as well as the profitability of various production systems, are among the research activities. Students, extension agents, and farmers are all involved in the research projects. Current research projects are focused on improving and sustaining crop production practises, conserving natural resources under changing climatic conditions, and nutrient management/recycling in various agro-ecosystems.

Head of Department:

Dr MP Bopape-Mabapa
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Office No:0014 C-Block
Tel: 015 268 2319


Ms NY Maboya
Office No: -0003 E-Block
Tel: 015268 2599