Prof SM Dippenaar


Research Interests


I am interested in the biodiversity, distribution, systematics and evolution of freshwater free-living copepods as well as symbiotic Siphonostomatoida occurring on vertebrate hosts. This includes the population genetics of species occurring on the same or different host species of elasmobranchs.

Popular articles

George W. Benz & Susan M. Dippenaar . 2000. Putting the Bite on Jaws: Copepods as Enemies of Sharks. The Shark Tagger 1998 Summary. Newsletter of the NOAA: 12,18.

D. Engelbrecht, J. Grosel & S. Dippenaar. 2007. The western population of Short-clawed Lark Certhilauda chuana in South Africa revisited. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 14: 58-61.

Susan Dippenaar. 2009. Hooked on the Unknown. Beyond Blue, April 2009, Issue 3: 28-32.

Susan Dippenaar. 2010. Symbiotic marine copepods. Friendz, October 2010, Issue 10: 26.


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