Brand management strategies with USA businesswomen: Elizabeth Ngonzi

The University of Limpopo R40 Conference Hall was packed with students who were eager to learn about strategies of becoming successful entrepreneurs from an international renowned business woman, Elizabeth Ngonzi -Chair of an International NGO Africa Tikkun. Her visit is part of the IIP program run by United States of America Embassy in South Africa.

By the end of her presentation, students were able to:
  • Understand of what makes a brand;
  • Grasp how digital footprints shape virtual brands;
  • Tips to manage  virtual brand;
  • Examples of how to curate the virtual brand  needed to successfully pursue  goals; and
  • Means to measure  virtual brand reach.
According to Elizabeth, Social Media platforms are the best tools to use, especially when you are just starting to promote your brand.Touching on the element of a brand, she qouted Maya Angelou when she said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” In a nutshel, be careful how you position your corporate identity – brand reputation.

In this regard, students were encouraged to build a strong virtual brand that will create  positive digital footprints.  If one is to post any violating information, images and videos online; that could have a negative impact and could ruin their reputation in the future. Nowadays people, organisations or companies use online searches to verify your information and learn more about you.


Elizabeth was born in Uganda and raised in the United Nation. She is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and an education activist. Her organisation focuses mostly on developing disadvantaged youth in the fields of TRADE and Innovation, Entrepreneurship etc.

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Date created:2015-08-12 17:21:37