Maths, science teacher training bolsters skills for the classroom

In an attempt to upskill Mathematics and Sciences teachers, the University of Limpopo (UL), in collaboration with the University of the Free State (UFS), has trained educators from Mankweng Education Centre in Limpopo to boost their knowledge and teaching skills

Dubbed the 'Science For the Future' project, the workshop series were launched in 2019 with UFS as the grant holder. UFS partnered with six institutions, including UL. The workshop series, funded by the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), is facilitated by the Science Education Centre at UL. 

The recent workshop took place on various days at Makanye Primary School with participants from the Mankweng Education Centre. The first workshop targeted Grade 3 Mathematics teachers under a programme called ‘Family Maths’ whereas for Grade 8-9 teachers in Natural Sciences were trained on 'Key concepts in Science'. 

According to UL’s Science Education Centre Manager Annelize Potgieter, the workshops commenced last year but could not bear success due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

 “Teachers that are part of this programme are from schools in the Mankweng Education Centre. The project will continue with teacher training during the year. The teachers are trained in Mathematics and Sciences content to boost their confidence and skills as well as to provide them with resources to enhance their classroom teaching and learning experience,” Potgieter informed.

Potgieter added that the workshops imparted much-needed skills to the teachers. They mostly included practical work as most schools lacked in that area of instruction.

“Most areas include the practical work in sciences since most schools do not have enough resources to perform practicals. In terms of content, the workshop focused on the use of e-learning resources, chemical reactions, patterns, functions and algebra among many other areas,” she said.

Participant Andries Mamabolo, who is a Grade 9 Natural Sciences and Grade 10 Life Sciences teacher at Hwiti High School, appreciated the workshop. “It assisted us in discovering more ways to conduct practical teaching to make it easy for learners as they could understand contents easily through practical experiments that are related to their learning areas,” said Mamabolo.  

Another participant Gloria Makgahlela, a Grade 3 Mathematics teacher from Diopong Primary School, said the workshop was helpful as she gained insight into how to effectively explain new concepts such as 2D shape objects and 3D concepts. She said learners could now draw tallies, analyse data and were no longer challenged by financial literacy questions.

By Reuben Maake

Date created:2021-04-07 13:33:04