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The Department of Chemical Pathology, including the sub-discipline Human Genetics, was established at the Medunsa Campus in January 1980 by the late Professor Herman Joubert. To date, other professors in the department have been Prof John Elias and the late Prof Dick Dauth. Prof Joubert remained head of the department until his passing in April 2012. Currently, the department is headed by Prof Aye Aye Khine.

A central function of the Chemical Pathology laboratory is to provide biochemical information for the management of patients. Such information will only be of value if it is accurate and relevant, and if its significance is appreciated by the clinicians so that it can be used appropriately to guide clinical decision making. The principal use of biochemical investigations are for diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and screening.

Today, Chemical Pathologists, Scientists, Medical technologists and medical graduates are all involved in providing Chemical Pathology’s service through the analysis of patients’ samples, providing input in patient care and participating in teaching, training and research activities.