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School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science.

Computer science has permeated our lives. This trend will continue at an ever-increasing pace in the future. There is a skills shortage in this career, and consequently, the remuneration for computer science practitioners is high. The discipline of Computer Science at the University of Limpopo presents education and training in the field of Computer Science. Our students find lucrative employment in the private and public sectors at the end of their studies.


To provide quality computational solutions for communities through teaching and learning, design and development of innovative, secure, novel and cost-effective computer solutions.


A learner- centred department that is responsive to the needs of learners, communities, and the industry through teaching, outreach, and research in emerging state-of-the-art technologies, and collaboration with research and academic institutions.

Core Values

Integrity: COSC demands that its members live its vision and mission, and deliver on its promises. COSC is committed to providing accessible, high -quality education programmes. The School’s staff and students pledge to be honest, just, and consistent in word and deed.

Excellence: COSC sets high expectations for students and graduates and demands excellence in teaching and delivery of services.

Social Responsibility: COSC will serve as a resource for stimulus to educational, economic, cultural, and environmental and community development in our region and beyond. COSC strives for students and graduates and demands excellence in teaching and delivery of services.

Partnership: COSC strongly encourages networking and collaboration to promote its teaching and learning, research and community engagement activities at local, national, and international levels.

Contact Details:

Prof M Velempini
Head of Department
Tel: (+27) 15268 3666/2627

Ms D Molabe
Tel: (+27) 15 268 3101