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On daily basis, the university community makes copies from copyrighted materials (books, journal articles, sections from plays), which support learning, teaching and research. All members of the university are expected to respect the rights of the copyright owners and comply with the copyright Act 98 of 1978. Distributing, scanning, and duplicating of copyright protected woks without permission from the copyright owners, or according to the provisions of the copyright act, could lead to infringement of the act.

What is copyright
Which works are protected by copyright
Which works are not protected by copyright
Who owns Copyright in a work
How long does Copyright Last
How is Copyright Registered
Are there any Laws that Regulate Copyright in South Africa
Is Copyright Infringement a Punishable Offence
How do I use copyrighted works
Is there any exemption from Copyright
For research or personal or private use purposes
For teaching purposes
How do I obtain copyright permission to use somebody else's work
What can I do if a text has been ordered for a class but has not arrived as yet
Does Copyright apply to electronic resources
Copyright and the Internet
Copyright and Electronic Resources
Copyright and Blackboard
Whom can I contact regarding copyright matters
Reporting procedure
DALRO Reporting form

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