Optometry Clinic


The optometry clinic provides a platform for clinical training for optometry students and is also open to all members of the public with eye health needs. The clinic provides various eye care services from general ocular examination to specialised eye-care such as low vision care, paediatric vision care, binocular vision care and contact lens fitting. It is fully equipped with high tech equipment that enable specialized care.

To book for an eye test click this link https://forms.office.com/r/YLsRbbA1tn or visit the VH Optometry clinic and book manually at the reception.

The schedules are as follows:

Monday (Low vision Clinic + General Clinic)

  • All those who need a general eye check-up

Tuesday (Paediatric Clinic + General Clinic)

  • Children less than 13 years of age.
  • All those who need a general check-up

Wednesday (Binocular Vision Clinic)

  • All those who have an eye squint,
  • Or the eye sometimes when you are tired turnout or in.
  • All whose eyes feel tired after a short time of studying, see blurry or double.

Thursday (Contact lens Clinic)

  • Those who cannot see well and do not like wearing spectacles.
  • Those who have worn multiple pairs of spectacles and are no longer helping improve their vision
  • Want to change the colour of their eyes

Friday (Ocular Disease & Management Clinic + General Clinic)

  • All those who need a general eye check-up
  • Those with eyes that turn red, teary, itchy, injuries, painful, foreign body sensation, light disturbances, discharges when waking up or any time of the day, etc.
  • Vision that is blurry sometimes, has problems with computer light.
  • Reduced vision at distance or when reading.

A free pair of reading spectacles will be given to all those of age 45 years and above. Ocular medications will be prescribed where necessary. Those who need spectacles will be made available to them at a reasonable price within a reasonable time.

Contact Us

Mr Justice Mulungwa
Clinic Coordinator
Tel: 015 268 4032
Email: justice.mulungwa@ul.ac.za

Ms Thoko Chipi
Clinic administrator
Tel: 015 268 2799
Email: thoko.chipi@ul.ac.za