As part of our service to postgraduate students, the Research Office offers a one-year free postgraduate programme annually. This programme comprises seven one-day modules and covers the following sections: Induction to research at UL (2 sessions), Proposal Writing, Academic Writing Skills, Soft-Skills Management, Literature Review, Quantitative Research Methodology, Qualitative Research Methodology. Students who wish to attend can choose between Option A which is a Block Session option held during university recesses and Option B which is held on one Saturday a month between March and October. Attendance certificates are awarded for 80% attendance. The modules are taught by the Research Developer, statistician and Centre of Academic Excellence staff.

A library visit and session on search engines forms part of the module on Induction to Research at UL. All students are also given a UL postgraduate manual which outlines the research processes at UL including the proposal format and the proposal writing process. The postgraduate manual is upgraded annually and available as a link on this website. It is a useful document for both postgraduate students and supervisors.

Postgraduate Manual 2021

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