Africa Centre for Sustainability Accounting and Management (ACSAM)

In line with the green economic development agenda of the national government of the Republic of South Africa, the Africa Centre for Sustainability Accounting and Management aims inter alia to explore the current state of Sustainability Accounting and Management in emerging economies and the extent to which it is being applied to account for corporate impact on the planet and its people. Through a team of experts from the national and international community, this Centre will explore how sustainability accounting and management can assist with the goals of the South African Government’s green economic development agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development program in finding ways to sustainably manage resources in emerging economies. Our research interest include but not limited to the following sub areas:

  • Practical and policy solutions to improve the social and environmental sustainability performance of (private, public sector and non governmental) organisations and societies.
  • Practical and conceptual issues for conducting GHG inventory for organizations and for preparing organisations for mandatory reporting requirements at the state or federal level.
  • Knowledge of and skill for material flow cost accounting to deal with costing and waste management problems that inundate industries.

Knowledge of:

  • Carbon foot printing
  • Accounting for biodiversity
  • Health care sustainability
  • Integrated reporting (King III)
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Verifiable continuing professional development (CPD)

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