Master of Development



Admission Requirements



The MDEV Programme is one of the three academic programmes in the Turfloop Graduate School (TGSL).  It consists of 9 taught modules with 100 credits and a mini-dissertation report with 100 credits to total 200 credits for the whole course. The Master of Development (MDEV) degree is designed to enhance capacity for development management in both the public and private sectors including in non-government and civil society sectors. Thus, the degree offers a wide range of career choices in those sectors as Programme/Project Directors/Managers, Community Development Practitioners, Academics. The MDEV modules are intended to enhance a candidate’s theoretical and applied knowledge in critical areas which are relevant to the social and economic development of the country.


Persons involved in development efforts of various activities, leadership and potential leaders in the various sectors: NGO/CBO, public and business sectors, and persons keen on integrating their field of specialisation and interest towards development focus. The course is based on a block system and will be best suited for people in either full or part time employment who can attend their blocks of course work, while being able to use their work place for projects. International candidates keen to learn from the developing world and willing to experience the challenge of further development are welcome to apply.

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